26 November 2019


The theme of this year's conference is ResilIT: the impact of IT in preservation and recuperation of our society. During the past decennia humanity has made huge advancements and is slowly moving towards what researchers have dubbed "Society 4.0". However, how do we keep this society intact and how can we recover from disruptive events?

With an increase in population size and complex IT systems, the state of our society is becoming increasingly fragile. This has created the important but difficult task of maintaining the environment we have created. The congress will investigate different areas of this problem including disaster management, cyber threat management and Society 4.0 in general. With varying talks, the aim of ResilIT is to inspire visitors to rethink how fragile their position in the world is and how IT can be used to improve the safety of our society.


What problems are we facing as the society of tomorrow? How will IT impact the way in which we preserve society and recover from disasters? These questions will be answered by .

Academics, businesses and even stand-alone activists will present the problems they see for society and the role that IT will play in making our society more resilient for the future.

Aside from the three keynote speakers there are three tracks to choose talks from in order to find a schedule that interests you the most.

The current speaker list


For ResilIT, we partnered up with top IT companies that have customers from all around the world. The conference gives a lot of opportunity to get in touch with them and meet up.

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What is SNiC

SNiC is an acronym for Stichting Nationaal Informatica congres (Foundation National Computer Science Conference). The organisation was established in 2004 with the purpose of stimulating the interest in IT knowledge, IT applications and the business side of it. Every year, a conference with an IT related subject is organised for academic Computer Science students from all over the Netherlands. For each conference one study association is chosen to take care of the organisation. This year, the organisation is in the hands of study assocation Inter-Actief.



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